Annual Awards is intended to reward environmental educators who take innovative steps to educate others about environmental stewardship and civic responsibility in Kenya. We recognize that such exceptional beings exist in Kenya and beyond and their work plays a critical part of creating a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future.

Creative approaches to Environmental Education enable learners to develop a greater connection to the world around them: a skill that will benefit young people throughout their careers as they pursue the green jobs of the 21st century.

Awards are necessary for motivation and to inculcate a culture of environmental conservation through environmental best practices.

We also recognize the efforts of outstanding students, religious leaders, institutions that have dedicated their efforts to environmental education and action.

The categories are:

Green Schools Programme

  1. Environmental Educator of the Year
  2. Most Innovative Environmental Project
  3. Green Student (s) of the Year
  4. Green School (s) of the Year

Green Enterprises Programme

  1. Green Youth of the Year
  2. Green Youth Group of the Year

Green Faith Programme

  1. Green Religious Institution of the Year
  2. Green Religious Leader of the Year

Volunteer of the Year